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Jun 11/23
The past few years have been a challenge for the charity as the pandemic shut down the African tourism industry completely for 2 years. Without tourists, the game lodges were shut and unemployment was rampant in the rural communities. Most job opportunities for the rural communities is working in the game lodges in the surrounding areas. Fortunately, since March 2022, the borders re-opened and the industry rebounded. It is a testament to African resilience to have survived 2 very difficult years. 
Marianne Schaubeck, the board chair did visit the school in Sep 2021 and the school needed some repairs done to the bathrooms, kitchen and playground equipment. In the past, Sabi Sabi Game Reserve provided maintenance and with the shut down this wasn’t possible. We hired locally and had the necessary repairs done. 
The big push is to get the extension completed. With an enrollment of hovering around 300 children, the existing building hasn’t been adequate for quite some time. The pandemic exacerbated the situation as less children were allowed in the classrooms. This meant, the unfished classrooms were now having to be used. 
The exterior structure is completed and the interior is being worked on. Marianne is planning on visiting the school September 2020.

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